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  • Have you ever had a passion for something and not known where to start?

  • Have you ever had a dream of making that passion project successful?

This is the basis of Idyllic Endeavour's origin story.

Like all good Superhero comics, every character needs an origin story, something to define them.


For me I have always loved the idea of becoming an author, bringing those creative ideas that go around and around my head to life.

I knew this wouldn't be a straight forward task and would require a lot of hard work and dedication.

After putting it off for a number of years, it was time to bite the bullet and make that passion project of mine a reality.

Idyllic Endeavour was born


S W Glover is a new author, looking to share his creative ideas with the world, branching out from just the confines of his mind, bringing everyone in on those adventures.

With a passion for reading and writing, drawing inspiration from great authors such as Stephen King, J R R Tolkien & Brandon Sanderson, S W Glover's writing style brings a Sci Fi / Fantasy twist to crime and other genres.

When SW Glover isn't writing he loves to spend his time with a great cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other, expanding his creative thoughts.

As a former writer / blogger / reviewer, S W Glover writes to an audience with a personal touch, bringing the reader along on the journey.


Being a new author S W Glover shares his experiences with his readers in his blog, always looking to offer advise and help other new authors along the way

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