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All available books written by S.W.Glover






Folk Tales of Radacorria

Book One

Grilfer Book Cover and Link

Book Two

​In a time before humanity, there were the Gods. There were two in particular, Solveig the God of Light and Life and Bolverkr the God of Death and Darkness, who had started to grow tired of each other. ​ A war began, the Great Soul War, a war that lasted for eternity and the scales were fairly balanced. ​ Until Bolverkr decided to make use of a loop hole to tip the scales in his favour A story of darkness, deceit and treachery, bringing you along on a journey and ultimately to the Creature of Darkness, Grilfer the Mortal Reaper

Decimation Book Cover and Link

The balance between Good and Evil continues to tip and teeter from one side to the other throughout the Great Soul War, until a weapon most powerful is forged that changes everything. Realities and existence hang in the balance as a cataclysmic event occurs, changing the world as we know it. ​ The Singularity, sits at the end of time, waiting for the opportune moment to strike, ending it all. A deep void in time and space, filled with darkness and vengeance is coming. ​ The battle between Solveig and Bolverkr continues to rage on and neither willing to give in to the other. ​ The sands of time continuing to fall, for now.


Convergence Book Cover and Link

Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye and turn to see nothing there? Everyday events are often overlooked and can have unexpected costs Jane, seemingly normal and living her day to day life, has a day she will never forget. From the moment Jane wakes to start her daily routine, there is something a little strange, something that feels a little off. ​ Believing it is just one of those days when things go wrong, Jane continues to get herself together and go about her business. ​ A twisted fate, unprecedented circumstances and a dark force culminate in one moment. A defining moment for Jane. ​ What happened to Jane that morning when she woke, what started off this chain of events and this unprecedented day?


​Demons in our head, ever controlling and steering us down the path of their choosing. Dermot lives a busy life, always putting work before his own wellbeing. As time moves on for Dermot the reoccurring feelings of loneliness and depression set in, taking control of the life he wants to live. All Dermot wants is to free himself from those inner demons and start living. ​ Finding himself in the Elysian Tundra, Dermot finds a village of scared inhabitants, cowering from the monster on the mountain. ​ With a moment of courageousness, Dermot decides it is time to face this monster, for him and all hiding in its shadow. ​ With a treacherous path ahead , it takes the actions of this lonely man to tackle the darkness and attempt to free those under its grasp, before all is lost.

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