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Is all of time and space about to end?


Deep in the pocket realm between reality and Nihil, the realm of nothingness, lies a secret godly island. The island of Melanoria is the home of the titans who govern and protect life and existence within the reality realm. The pillar of Genesis sits on the hill outside the Melanorian city walls, casting its life giving and protecting particles out into the universe. The pillar holds immense power, more power than even the titans realise.


Deep within the darkness a threat begins rising from the depths, a threat filled with anger and malice. With a knowledge of the pillars true power, the dark force invades the pocket realm and begins its assault on Melanoria, taking and destroying anything that crosses its path.


In a final moment of desperation, the titans give a gift to the universe, a final ditch attempt to save all of existence.


To whomever discovers this gift, a great burden will be placed upon their shoulders.


Can they take on this power and destroy the dark forces at work and save all of existence?


The Fall of Melanoria is a prequel novella in S.W.Glover's fantasy series. With themes of family, survival, determination and the ultimate sacrifice. This story will send its readers on a journey from the darkest depths of Nihil to the vast landscapes within the Infinite Tides.

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