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Can I Write?

This is a question I am sure we have all asked ourselves but also one that we get asked by other people.

This post might upset some people who have worked hard and paid a lot of money to go to University to study English Literature or another English / writing degree. I 100% agree that there will be a level of knowledge gained from studying these courses, however I don’t think that this means that nobody else can write or shouldn’t be given then opportunity to write. I am also not dismissing these degrees, I do think they are hugely beneficial and important to many.

In this day and age we all look for different ways to express ourselves and to even help with our own mental health. For a lot of people writing offers up the chance for people to express how they feel deep down and to share it with a much wider community is something that can bring great joy to someone and also help them to feel supported when they need it most.

I think there has been a real shift from the traditional routes of having to have a degree in order to share your stories with the world. The world wants to hear from everyone, it wants to listen to people in the tone they write, the dialect they choose and quite often want to read something in the voice of the person that has written it, rather than it being a super polished piece of technically accurate writing.

Writing has offered me a great avenue to relax when things are stressful, but also to share stories that have been building in my head for a number of years.

So the question,

Can I write?

My answer to everyone is Yes and please do.

I would highly encourage as many people out there as possible to write, it can be anything from how your day was to an emotive piece describing an inner feeling you have been battling for some time.

Never feel that you are incapable of picking up a pen, switching on your phone or just scribbling on the back of a napkin. Your words are important and powerful and something that should be shared with everyone. One thing I have noticed is there is always someone to listen, someone who shares your feelings, shares your way of writing or just likes what you have to say so don’t be afraid to speak up.

I would love to know how you all feel about this topic and any advise you would offer someone who is looking to start writing

leave a comment below 🙂


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