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Community Commentary Goes Live – Belinda Robyn

Hey everyone,

I am really excited to share today’s post with you all. This is the first submission (of many I hope) for the Community Commentary section of Idyllic Endeavour.

The Community Commentary section is all around other writers or creatives in general being able to share their work or opinions of different subject matters with the rest of the Community. One of the key principles at the heart of Idyllic Endeavour, is offering a platform to help promote other peoples work as this support is something that I would want to receive. I am hoping that this will spark conversations with you all and get a discussion going.

So without further ado, I would like to share this first submission with you all 🙂

When someone tells you they want to get rich by writing novels you can only laugh. As writers, we understand that this isn’t just a hobby or arrangement to pay the bills, it’s a way of life. Simply put, if you don’t enjoy the craft then you won’t succeed. Almost as soon as I started my degree in Creative Writing it was drummed into me that to be successful you had to think outside the box.

This piece was created with so much passion and freedom. It’s barmy, bizarre and downright dark, but that’s what I love about writing. It gives me the ability to push the boundaries and embody someone else’s story.

Idyllic Endeavour is a great platform to showcase your talent and share it amongst a community of brilliant people.

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