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Five Defining Moments – Part 1

As we go through life there are always a number of key events that help shape us and make us who we are. These events can have a much bigger effect on us than we may even realise and this is what makes them defining moments.

As you read this post, you yourself will have experienced a number of defining moments that have brought you to where you are in life now and it is these moments that are super interesting.

Today I wanted to share with you five defining moments in my life that have brought me to where I am and shaped me into the person I am today.


The very first defining moment for me that has had the biggest impact and as a result has aided in the other defining moments I will talk about today is Love.

Back in the year 2006, while in the later stages of school, I embarked on a school trip to the Austrian mountains, skiing with a group of other students, the majority of whom I did not know. It has here that I met a girl and instantly connected with her. We began to speak and spend more and more time with one another, before we knew it we were spending every moment together.

This unbeknownst to me was the beginning of so much more, this was the beginning of the rest of my life.

After the trip ended, we were back home and the first hurdle was thrown our way. The school year was about to end and this also meant the last time she would be at school as she was moving back to her home in Ireland. From spending every moment together to then what ended up being the end of communication together was very strange.

This however was not the end of this connection and it was around three years later that the universe had new plans. In a chance moment we both ended up connecting online and began speaking again, it was like being back in the Austrian mountains all over again, this really was the beginning of the rest of my life.


The second defining moment was a result of a lot more talking and what was now a relationship.

We had moved to the next level and was now in a relationship, however one of us was in the UK and the other in Ireland. Planes became my new best friend and I would visit at every opportunity I could, but the distance was a little testing and was not that easy, even though it wasn’t that far.

It was this test though that made the relationship even stronger and after a while it was time to make a decision, one of us had to move. After a lot of talking and planning, it was decided that I would start the second defining moment of my life and leave the UK to live in Ireland.

I went into work and handed in my notice, explaining my plans and began to plan how I would take all I own from my home to my new life in Ireland. Needless to say, things were not as straight forward as they may seem and I didn’t manage to get a job lined up, didn’t have a place to live in yet, but I couldn’t wait any longer and sometimes you have to take a leap in life and just go for it.

I packed up my things, headed to the airport and landed in Ireland back in 2011. This was it, defining moment number two, my life on its new path and one I am still happy to say I am on now, 9 years later.

I have given you the first two defining moments today and will concluded them on Wednesday in my next post.

I would love to hear what you think about defining moments, also I would love to hear from you all and share your defining moments with the world so get in touch, send me an email or DM me on social media and we will share your defining moments too 😊


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