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Five Defining Moments – Part 2

So to continue on where I left off.

Defining moments, two of which I have shared, the first being the catalyst for the rest and where it all began. One of the scariest aspects of taking a risk or a leap of faith is that you genuinely are making a decision with you heart more so than your head, but I am OK with this, it is the unknown and new challenges that throw up the stress levels ever so slightly.


After a short time in a new country with the love of my life, a job was needed. With the girl in question in college and only receiving a small amount of money, we needed some structure and I wanted to be able to support us.

Living in the one room, in a dingy house that she was sharing with her college friends, it didn’t take long for me to realise we needed our own space, not to mention some better living conditions, some people just don’t understand the word “Clean”

I had brought copies of my CV with me in the little preparation I could do before coming over and went from one recruiter to the next, booking appointments to try and get any job I could.

After a couple of days the phone call we both needed came and an interview for a temporary contract came up. With all the determination in the world and the small weight on my shoulders, I had the interview and got the job.

The next defining moment for me was the feeling of acceptance and inclusion I received when I started on that first Monday morning.

I was a little terrified, I had experienced a few small incidences from a small select group of individuals, who weren’t totally happy with my origin story, however to my delight this was just a very small number and didn’t happen again and the people in the office didn’t care.

It is always a very tough thing to start a new job, not knowing anyone and to try and fit in, but then throw in a new country too was extra tough. I got to know my team really well and made so great friends in the process. This became a defining moment because it helped me realise that everything was going to be ok and that people would accept me for me and all my geeky quirks.

Friendship is one of the most powerful things a human can experience, that close connection to people that share your way of thinking but also aren’t afraid to give you a bit of stick.

The story didn’t end here, I am actually still at that very same place of work over 9 years now, with the same close band of friends.

As a group we have gone through a lot of tough times together, losing one of them was not easy and something that affected every single one of us.

This group of friends are the best I could ever have hoped for and the way they have been there through all aspects of my life in the last 9 years has shaped my life and defined me as a person.


Now with a job secured and some stability, the days became weeks and weeks became years. We had moved into our first apartment, not the nicest at all but was a necessity at the time. From there we moved into a nice apartment where we spent a number of years before deciding to buy our own house.

With the relationship going strong, it was time to take things to the next level, it was time for Marriage.

Marriage was a defining moment for me because it helped cement the fact that I was with someone who I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I wont go into every single detail as this post would turn into a novel, but needless to say a ring was bought and a trip down to her home in Kerry.

We travelled to a nice secluded beach near where her grandfather was born and I convinced her to take a few pictures of the scenery. When she turned back around, I was down on one knee, ring in hand and asked the question.

Thankfully she said yes and we couldn’t wait to share the news with our families. Her father was aware of the plan as I had previously asked for his blessing, so he was delighted she said yes and the planning could begin.

If you haven’t worked it out already, but I’m sure you have the person I fell in love with in 2006, moved to Ireland for and was now marrying is Hannah (@SayersStudio).

Planning a wedding was her thing, she was in her element and to her credit the wedding day was amazing. We got married in the local church in Kerry and then went to the Skellig Hotel in Dingle for the reception.

The views and pictures we have to treasure of the Dingle bay behind us are amazing and something I will always cherish.

This day was a defining moment, it was the moment a new chapter in my life had begun, but also the next chapter in our story. We had some many of our close friends and family with us to celebrate this new chapter and it is something I will never forget, this day changed me and has shaped me over the years and person I am now

I am conscious that this is a super long post, so I will conclude this Defining Moments piece on Friday with the last of my five defining moments

I hope you are all enjoying finding out more about me and also what has shaped me into the person I am today

Leave a comment down below 😊

Here are a couple of pictures from the day


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