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Idyllic Endeavour Launch

Idyllic Endevour has arrived, however you may be wondering what it is, or what it stands for?

So lets start at the beginning.

For a number of years I have always wanted to try my hand at writing a novel. For a long time I didn’t think I could do it or worried that what I would produce wouldn’t be what people would want to read. As I have got older I realised that you have to just bite the bullet and do what interests you.

Why live life with regrets, never knowing what could have happened?

Most of all though you learn to do what makes you happy, regardless of what other people think, as long as it makes you happy. With this in mind it was time to get the ball rolling and to start that novel.

After spending a number of months working on the concept and beginning the writing, it got me thinking, are there more people out there that would like to write and never gave it a chance?

This is where Idyllic Endeavour was born.

A place to read posts from someone who loves to write and share their passion, but also a medium for other writers to express themselves. It was also the perfect place to write my feelings and views on other peoples work and other writers stories.

Idyllic Endeavour is a new site that will consist of a variety of different content, be it Blog entries with book reviews or just general opinion pieces, extracts from the Novels / Short Stories by S.W.Glover, Links to stores to purchase Novels and Short Stories written by S.W.Glover plus more surprises to come.

I hope that Idyllic Endeavour will help to inspire other people that would like to start writing, but also to bring an environment to share stories and experiences.


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