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Idyllic Journey So Far !!!

When I started Idyllic Endeavour, I was already working on my debut novel, getting it ready to share with you all and Idyllic Endeavour was going to be part of the platform that I would use to keep you all updated on my progress and ultimately share the novels details with you when it was finished.

Idyllic Endeavour has been up and running now for around 5 months and it has gone from strength to strength and I have you all to thank for that, but you may be wondering what about the novel?

Well I thought I would give you a little update on this today as things have most definitely changed since this journey began.

Through scoping out my original story there were a few other stories that I wanted to tell and wanted to share, so I began writing the first one as a short story that I could publish and give you all a glimpse into the worlds I was creating.

The problem was this story was much bigger than I originally thought and one that I felt wanted to be told in its entirety, more detail and not be confined to the bounds of a short story.

So this became priority number one and my original debut novel was put to one side for future work and attention.

I have been working solidly on this new book and I am really happy with the way it is coming together. To give you all a little snap shot of what my new Science Fiction / Fantasy novel is about:

Following one characters journey from the everyday, down a path of discovery, only to find their life will never be the same. A story of Love, Family, Discovery and ultimately chaos.

I don’t have a release date to share with you all yet but I hope to have it released in the first half of 2021, fingers crossed

In the meantime I have also written a short story for Halloween that will be released on Saturday 31st October, keep your eye out for that.

It will be 100% free to download and read from

So plans change and novels you expected to be your first can be pushed, but that is ok and I would encourage you to always write what feels right in that moment.

If that means putting your WIP into the “Return To Later” pile then that is fine 😊


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