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Is this the end?

The end of a story, the climax of a journey for your characters, the rounding up of all loose ends.

Writing an ending for a story is something I find quite difficult at times. I always start off an idea for a story with how I want it to begin and where I want to get to in the end, however when I start writing and the story evolves, sometimes it can be difficult to end the story in the one book that I originally aimed for.

Sometimes I go to write the ending and I am inspired to continue my characters journey, another fork in the road opens up and the characters journey does not end, but continues on a slightly different path.

I love to plan out a characters arc and where I want to see them end up, starting with their origins, the beginning of it all and where the tone of the story will start and then work my way through a number of events, twists and turns to get to the end, but sometimes (more often than not) the ending changes and that original end point is stretched or takes on a whole new meaning.

I find this happens more so when I have a character I really believe in and one I don’t want to end their journey.

I go into a state of denial thinking that I can end their adventure only to be brought to the reality that this story is just not over yet.

How do you find writing the end of a book?

Do you always plan to write a story and have a definitive ending that you stick to?

Or do you find that you also want to continue on with your characters journey?

Leave a comment below 😊


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