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Lore: Welcome to Zygonia

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you all some Lore for my current WIP and for the overarching universe for my stories to live in.

I hope you all enjoy 🙂

Deep in the pulsar region of the Diamonova constellation sits the planet of Zygonia.

Lush green fields, babbling brooks and fast flowing rivers populate the landscape of this thriving planet.

The waters of this peaceful planet are said to possess healing qualities, allowing its inhabitants and wildlife to live a happy and peaceful existence.

Picturesque mountains and hills draw the eye as you look out to the horizon.

This planet is inhabited by many wild creatures from Eleattle to Rivankee each with their own characteristics and place in the overarching ecosystem.

The main inhabitants are a cyborg race called The Robspecian. These cybernetic organisms live a peaceful life, living day to day, cultivating the many fields and orchards of this planet. They are a peaceful race, conflict is to be avoided at all costs.

As with many of the planet’s in the Diamonova constellation, a deep secret permeates the earth and oceans of the planet, whispers in the culture and folklore of the Robspecian, stories passed from one generation to the next.

This deep dark secret brings more to the planet of Zygonia and the Diamonova constellation than any of it inhabitants know, well until the incident, this changes things forever, life will never be the same.

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