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Targets & Deadlines. Useful?

One thing that I always try to set myself is a target or a deadline to complete maybe a section of writing or an overall deadline for finishing my WIP, however because it is me setting the targets and deadlines I often find I am a little bit more generous to myself and often find that I am pushing these milestones out. This would be a whole different story if it was someone else setting them, as I would have a more strict approach and not spend time working on other bits instead of writing.

This got me thinking, am I the only one who firstly sets these goals? but also am I the only one not sticking to them?

So I took it to Twitter and asked the people, whether they found deadlines and targets useful or beneficial?

I am going to be honest the results I got back were a little surprising to me, it was almost a 50 / 50 split between setting them and finding them useful and beneficial, compared to not setting them at all. I have always found that having a goal gets my mind focused on where it needs to be, helps me to plan out the different aspects I need to accomplish in order to get me over the line.

I don’t think I would ever end up with a finished piece if I didn’t plan and set myself some sort of goal, however maybe its OK to be a little relaxed with them and with yourself, especially if you have an abundance of other things to do as well.

I always told myself that family was to come before writing and I still stand behind that, this would also be one of the main reasons I would push out goals as I find spending time with loved ones is not only important but also helps to recharge the creative batteries before setting off on another writing adventure.

Mental health is a huge factor to consider, especially when writing can be very isolating and can also be a little draining at times. On the flip side to that it can also be very relaxing and a great way to deal with stress to take yourself away to another world. The main thing is to keep your mental health at the forefront of everything you do and don’t let deadlines hinder you.

I would be so interested to hear from any of you that don’t set yourself targets and goals to see how you get from A to B and if you find that transition smooth or stressful.

Leave a comment below to let me know how you deal with targets and deadlines and whether you find them of any use


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