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The Importance of Community

Community is at the heart of Idyllic Endeavour. When Idyllic Endeavour was first created it was created as a place for like minded people, creative people, to have a place that they can share their ideas, their work with other people. It was always the aim to bring together a community of people, spark conversations amongst each other and give each other the support we all need.

Since launching, I have been overwhelmed by the level of support from the writing community in particular, but from all people that have come to Idyllic Endeavour in one of its mediums. This support helps to spur me on to continue sharing insights and also helping to bring as many people along on the journey as possible.

A few weeks ago we started Tuesday Takeovers with Sayers Studio, this gave people an opportunity to introduce themselves and also promote and talk about what they are working on. We followed this one up with another from Kate Callaghan and then last week Shauna Richmond. I am delighted to be able to share that we have a number of other fantastic and passionate people lined up over the coming weeks to share a glimpse into what they do.

(Links Below)

If you would be interested in doing a Takeover then send me an email at or DM me on Twitter @I_Endeavour

Another aspect to creating a community was to share individuals work through Idyllic Endeavour as a way to spark conversations and bring awareness to people around the great talents out there.

We have had one piece so far, a short story written by Belinda Robyn, I would encourage you to head over to the link and download a copy, take a read and leave some comments.

I would love to share much more with you all, it could be a short story, a opinion article about something you are passionate about, this could be writing or film or anything you want. It could even be a piece of art work you would like to share.

Again if you are interested then please get in contact 🙂

The final thing I wanted to share is we now have a weekly newsletter to keep you up to date with all posts and also a new post notification. Both of these you can sign up for by filling in the short form from any page of the website.

I wanted to end again by saying a huge thank you to every single one of you for making this all possible but also for the strong support you not only show Idyllic Endeavour but you share with each other

There’s Been A Takeover

Tuesday Takeover – Kate Callaghan

Tuesday Takeover – Shauna Richmond

Community Commentary Goes Live – Belinda Robyn

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