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The Power of People

Looking back to only a few weeks ago and the night before the big launch of Idyllic Endeavour, I could never have imagined the support that I have received so far from the various communities out there, be it Twitter, Instagram or just general comments on the site. It has been a real journey already, bringing the idea of one to the masses and hoping that they not only accept it but also enjoy its content and want to continue to visit and hopefully in time will get involved and write something for the site.

The overall acceptance and support from the Twitter community especially threw me slightly and got me thinking, is there a lot more to posting and writing content?

When I sit down to scope ideas and come up with content, it quite often goes over my head that these posts are being read by others and can have more of an impact on them and the way they write than I ever really thought about in detail. I received a comment recently that prompted this post. The comment was in relation to the power of other peoples work helping people to cope in the tough and uncertain times that we are currently living in.

This comment really struck a cord with me and made me think much deeper about the content I am putting out there and not only that but the dual benefit that posting can have. I was always very nervous about putting content out on the web for all to see as I always thought to myself that maybe it wasn’t good enough firstly, but then also that nobody would want to read it. So far the general reaction has been great and people seem to be enjoying Idyllic Endeavour and the prospects that we have to offer and will continue to expand in time.  So it turned out that writing and sharing it with the world can be hugely beneficial to both myself and also others that take the time to read it and enjoy its contents.

I wanted to look into this a bit more so I conducted a poll on Twitter yesterday to see if people really do find reading other peoples work beneficial in a multitude of ways. The results are in and it would appear that the majority of people really do find looking at other peoples work beneficial. It could be from an inspiration stand point or just listening to their experiences or the way they write a poem / story really connects with them.

So it would seem that the overall goals and aims of Idyllic Endeavour are still the same, to bring content to the masses, while also offering a platform for all creatives to share their work and convey their overarching message, however I will be making sure that everything that is posted is from the heart and hopefully will give comfort or inspiration to others, there really is a lot of power in people.

I want to finish this post off by thanking everyone who has taken the time to follow me or to visit, I really appreciate each and every one of you and really hope that I can connect with even more of you as time goes on and that we together can enhance the great community through Idyllic Endeavour and put the passion of the people at the heart of all that we post here.

If you would like to get involved on here in some way, this could be writing a short story, a poem or even an opinion piece, we would love to hear from you. However Idyllic Endeavour is not limited to writing, so if you are an artist that would like to share a drawing, a new 3d animation or project you are working on, anything creative at all, on any subject matter, please get in touch.

Head over to the Get Involved page and follow the details on screen 🙂

Thank you everyone


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