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There’s Been A Takeover

Hey everyone,

Today I would like to introduce Takeover Tuesdays, (I know its Wednesday, was a crazy day yesterday) this will be part of the Community Commentary section of Idyllic Endeavour.

Takeover Tuesday is a way for creators to promote themselves and what they do through Idyllic Endeavour and Idyllic Endeavour’s Instagram page. You may be a small creative business looking to introduce yourself and your work to the greater community, an author looking to show and promote their current WIP or even an artist looking to showcase their talents.

If this is something you would be interested in doing then you can either send me an email at or Direct Message me on Instagram (@Idyllic_Endeavour)

Now to introduce the first Takeover, which will hopefully give you a sense of what to expect and what you can do also

Sayers Studio is a small Irish business set up by Hannah. Hannah has always had a passion for art and is a graduate of NCAD (National College of Art & Design Ireland).

After a very tough pregnancy and wanting to stay at home and look after our son, Sayers Studio was born.

You can find out more and examples of Sayers Studios work on the Takeover over at @Idyllic_Endeavour on Instagram (Highlights) and also in the video below.

I asked Hannah if she would be interested in giving the takeover a go as we are firstly married, so was easy to ask, but also because it could be a good way to promote her new business. This would also be a good indicator as to whether this would be something other people would like to do going forward.

Below is the Takeover Video from Sayers Studio, please enjoy and make sure you head over to @sayerstudio on Instagram or the other social media links above to show Hannah some support 🙂

Also don’t forget you can sign up to the Idyllic Endeavour Newsletter or New Post Notification services by filling out the short form at the top of the sidebar on this page

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