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Time to start over?

Editing, the one word that can both signify the beginning of the journey to conclusion of the piece that you are writing or strike fear in the heart of the writer.

One question I will always ask myself when ever I reach the editing process is,

Is it ever too late to rewrite something, start over?

To be honest, no is the answer I would give myself. I treat the edit as a way to re-imagine the words and stories that started the adventure, to bring them up to speed with the end. Taking all of those original ideas, characters and story arcs and bringing them on the full journey to the conclusion of the book. This is very important for me as its the first opportunity to really take stock of the full works from start to finish.

The first write and edit for me are the end of the stories and ideas first conceived however many months previously and the start of a new version of that story.

I treat the editing process as a way to get all the cogs aligned and make sure that nothing is missed. A chance to clean up the edges of that rough diamond you start out with and get it to be a fully polished gem by the end.

I also find getting someone else to edit can also bring a whole new perspective and even change the flow and story for the better.

So I ask you all the following questions:

Should you fear the editing process?

How do you approach it?

Do you embrace and enjoy it?

I look forward to hearing from you all, leave me a comment below


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