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We Have Arrived and Ready To Share

Hey everyone,

So yesterday marked the launch of, a day full of pride and excitement. It was great for me to finally get the website out there and to start to show you all what its about and what we want to achieve going forward.

A lot of hard work has gone into the site so far, getting it to where it currently is and some of it has had its challenges, but we are here.

I wanted to thank Hannah , Eoin and Maria for already contributing to Idyllic Endeavour and providing some great book reviews for you all to take a read of and give you opinions on, lets get the conversation going.

All the reviews to date can be found HERE

There is a lot that we want to achieve with Idyllic Endeavour and a huge part of that comes down to getting the community together in one place to show each-others work and to get some conversations going.

It will also be a place for me to show you where I am with writing projects, animation projects and much more.

A huge thank you to the Writing Community who have been so supportive to date and let’s continue to get the word out there that Idyllic Endeavour is here and ready for your Community Commentary 😊


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