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Where’s your mind(set) at?

A huge part of writing for me comes from being in the right frame of mind and having the right mindset before heading into a writing binge session.

It can often be difficult to get into the right mindset when there are so many things going on around you. It could be an external pressure from work or family life, or just the difficult conditions of the environment in which you are trying to write in.

This is when I would look for different aids to help me  improve my mindset and get me focused.

One way that I really find helps me is to listen to some relaxing music. This can take the form of classical or even some meditation music, which would be my preferred choice as this really relaxes me and gets me into a clear and relaxed position helping me to focus and allowing me to be more creative and write.

A second thing I find helps is the environment into which I am trying to write. I love to wander off to a quiet, peaceful place. I am really lucky to be able to head to a rural coastal town whenever I want a place to chill or I can head to the beach or woods near where I live. These places offer such a relaxing environment and one that I find really helps me to write and to write better.

A healthy mindset is key for me to write and provide better content. If you have a healthy, happy frame of mind, I feel the quality of my work increases. Music is such a powerful medium and can speak to people in many different ways, you don’t always need it to offer the relaxing atmosphere. You may want to get into a different mind space in order to write certain critical scenes to your work. Music has the power to transport you to those places.

I hope you find it interesting to find out a little more about me and the processes I undertake when writing. I would love to find out more about you all too.

How do you get into the right mindset?

Leave a comment below 🙂


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