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Who are you?

Writing characters can be one of the most liberating pieces within the writing journey, being able to invent a character and bring life to them with the words that you right is a really empowering feeling. The more I write about a character the more I get to know them and the more real they begin to feel to me.

So the question I ask,

Who are you?

This is more about who the character you are creating is and what that character says about you as an author. A lot of the time we take ideals and ideas that we would like to live or to be and put those onto our characters to give them a sense of morality and a well tuned moral compass, but have you ever stepped back and taken a proper look at the characters that you write.

I often find the more descriptive I get and the more detail I add the more I start to relate to that character and the more I can identify with them.

This being said, if I am writing a villain I don’t aspire to those characteristics, however I would have a sense from the reverse of what I think makes someone just and how that can be turned to create a dynamic evil within the story.

I don’t know about you but I start to get quite attached to characters and start to feel like I really know them and who they are and what they represent and often tough story lines can be a challenge as you I feel that I am putting a friend through something.

This may sound a little strange and maybe I am, but I would love to hear what you all think and how you all feel about your characters and do you really know who they are?

Leave a comment below 🙂


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