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Whose side are you on?

One of the biggest joys for me as a writer is being able to create characters that can fall into either camp, Good or Evil

There are things I enjoy about writing for both and they are very different reasons, so I thought I would share some of my reasons and also ask you all, who’s side are you on? 

Team Good or Team Evil

Writing a hero character is something that I think most people would find a little easier to do.

Being able to create a character that is virtuous, follows the rules and has a great heart, is something we would all be much more familiar with. Many of us are brought up with certain beliefs and customs that would tend to lend themselves towards treating people with respect and looking out for your fellow human.

I think it is much easier to draw inspiration from something you know well than from something you have no experience with.

Taking a character as a blank canvas and being able to give them a personality is exciting. The additional benefit to creating a characters personality is also creating a story around how that character behaves in the world in which they live. This isn’t something we can do in real life and being able to take the experiences of everyday life and make them more extraordinary and fantastical just excites me

On the flip side to creating the hero, you have the villain, the antagonist in the story. This can be an exciting experience for a very different reason.

Where you have come from writing about emotions and beliefs you would know, to now being able to create a whole world around someone who breaks all the rules that you have come to know in your life.

Creating a villain is enthralling, taking someones personality and working out how they tick and how they will interact with the hero of your story is where the fun starts. The overall story is often driven by these interactions and it is what makes the story feel whole.

I would find it very difficult to pick a side, both offer up their own fun elements and I enjoy both, but sometimes being able to write something in a world created by you that looks at a persons vulnerabilities and how they play out in front of you, this can really take you on your own journey as a writer.

Which do you prefer writing?

Leave a comment below 🙂

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