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Why do you write?

Now here is a question, what is it that makes us write?

Is it  built in us to share experiences with each other?

Is it a way to fire up some neurons and get creative?

Is it a form of escapism, taking yourself and others to another place?

or is it even a way to vent your feelings and worries?

Writing may seem simple in concept but can hold so much hidden meaning and can offer so much more to people than just putting pen to paper and writing words.

For me writing is a way to share my creativity and help take people to another world through the worlds and characters I create. I have always wanted to write a book for years and years , building stories in my head and wanting to share them with the world.

There has always been something holding me back and it was confidence. I would say I am a fairly confident person, however putting something out to the world that you have been so close to for so long and effectively be judged and reviewed by your peers is a terrifying concept. I was always worried that people just wouldn’t like what I had written and would ultimately reject my stories.

As I got older I have realised that there are many things in life that can appear scary or stop you from doing something, but you just need to take a step back and remember why it is that you are writing in the first place.

For every person there is a different motive behind what they write and that motive will connect with someone out there in the wider world. Not everyone is going to like what you write, that is just the way of the world, however there will be someone who shares your passions, your way of looking at the world and for them it will be great to read what you have written.

There can often be a lot of negativity out there and that’s the thing that I was focusing in on, however I have been blown away by the support of the writing community and the positivity that they share.

It has been really reassuring to speak to other writers and to see what they are sharing with everyone. It may have taken me years of putting it off, but I am so happy that I am now writing and going to be able to share those stories with you all.

It has also become apparent to me that there are so many different styles of writing and there will be someone out there who will support what you do.

I set Idyllic Endeavour up as a way to help support creatives and to help share their work and that support I have received so far has been nothing short of amazing and I will continue to give back to the community.

So I ask you all the question again,

Why do you write?

Leave me a comment below and I will respond to all 🙂


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