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Why I Love Science Fiction

There are so many different genres of writing, many that I wouldn’t know where to even begin writing in and then there is Science Fiction. I have always been a bit of a geek and loved science and the striving forward approach that science brings. I love the fundamentals of discovery and adventure that comes with the everyday science we experience, a sense of improvement and advancement.

I love the idea of breaking down a problem into its individual parts and better understanding them in order to reassemble in a new and more efficient way. Now take this and add a fiction element, warping our current reality, pushing the boundaries on what we believe to be possible and you have Science Fiction.

When I sit down to write, I love the idea of taking my audience on a journey.

This journey can be a physical one from one place to another or it can be a journey of discovery and excitement. Being able to bend and blur the lines of where our current (and I say current because we are always advancing and the work of Science Fiction in the past is ever becoming more a reality) knowledge and understanding and create a world with excitement and new adventure.

I have lots of writing in the works and cannot wait to introduce you all to some of the characters in the greater universe I am creating. Being able to share them all with you means a great deal and the support I have received to date has been astonishing.

I hope you all will continue along on this journey with me and Get Involved in someway with Idyllic Endeavour.

What genre do you like to write in most and why? What inspires you to write each day?


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