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Why this genre?

Writing is a very personal experience, something that means different things to different people. One aspect of writing, which is also a very personal choice and experience is Genre.

What is it that draws us to a particular genre?

Why do we like to write in that genre?

These are very personal questions and ones that will invoke a different response even within the same genre of choice.

For me I am a Science Fiction / Fantasy author. I love science and being able to exaggerate what we know now to something that seems unobtainable and almost crazy, in order to bring something exciting to my writing. I also love fantasy for a similar reasons, being able to tell a story with mystical elements, drawing inspiration from mythology and other ideas, is again a very exciting thing for me to write. I wouldn’t be very good at writing a non-fiction book as I would feel too restricted and bound by reality and the truth.

There have been many writers in the past that would have taken a similar idea, pushed the boundaries of what they believed to be possible and now in a society and time where the boundaries are always being pushed, some of those ideas have been made a reality.

There are also many different elements to writing and writing within a genre.  This could be dialogue between characters, action sequences, character backstories or even the mystery and big reveals. All of these elements reap different results based on the genre the writer is writing for and the audience it is intended for.

What is your favourite genre?

What are your favourite elements of writing in you genre of choice?

I would love to hear from a variety of different genres and see how you approach writing. I feel the fundamentals of writing would cross over genres but their interpretation and results would differ hugely.

Leave a comment down below 🙂


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